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"You can be anything you want to be."
So dream big!

NASA Astronaut, Navy Test Pilot, Author, Mom


Imagine feeling the awesome power as the space shuttle goes from 0 to 17,500mph in only
8 1/2 minutes.

Imagine floating in the weightlessness of space while performing science dedicated to making life here on Earth better. Imagine gazing down at our fragile planet. Astronaut Susan Kilrain is uniquely qualified to share these experiences with audiences of all ages. She relives the excitement of liftoff, the thrill of seeing Earth from space for the first time, the fun of floating in space, the challenges of working in space, and the awkwardness of returning to gravity's sensation. Susan is a popular corporate speaker, highlighting diversity, leadership, and teamwork. She also engages with students around the world. She connects with audiences of all ages and backgrounds on many levels.


Image Credit: NASA

Burns 1000 gallons of
liquid propellant per sec.

Generates 7 1/2 million pounds of thrust

17,500 mph in 8 1/2 mins

Film & video footage provided by KSC Imaging Services


Image Credit: NASA



There are countless options for the content and type of speech CDR Kilrain presents. She can give a keynote address or fireside chat, inspiring your audience with her personal experiences and insights on leadership and mission success. She can narrate a short movie of her trip to space, including all the fun of working, living, and playing in zero gravity, in addition to the excitement of launch and reentry. She can present a unique geography lesson with photographs taken from space, including a perspective on how Earth has changed in the past 60 years. CDR Kilrain overcame many obstacles on the road to her success; she is candid about her experiences.

 "She was absolutely amazing! So inspiring and funny! Her presentation and pictures were very enjoyable to watch + she had great advice on leadership, empowerment, and women
in the workplace."

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"One of the most interesting and motivating presentations I have ever seen. Her story and its application to leadership and perseverance was enthralling."

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Mission Highlights

Mission STS-83


STS-83 Mission Highlights

Video Credit: Nasa

STS-83 Day 1 Day a.png

STS-83 Day 01

Video Credit: Nasa

STS-83 Dat 2.png

STS-83 Day 02

Video Credit: Nasa

STS-83 Post Flight.jpg

STS-83 Post Flight Presentation 

Video Credit: Nasa

Mission STS-94

STS-94 Mission Highlights.png

STS-94 Mission Highlights

Video Credit: Nasa

STS-94 Day 01 Highlights.png

STS-94 Day 01 Highlights

Video Credit: Nasa

STS-94 Day 09 Highlights.png

STS-94 Day 09 Highlights

Video Credit: Nasa

STS-94 Post Flight Presentation.png

STS-94 Post Flight Presentation

Video Credit: Nasa 

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